Tableau Data Connector

The Tableau Data Connector allows Data Licence customers to import PredictHQ events directly into Tableau, or export them as a CSV file.

Couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge is required.
  • Tableau 10.0 or greater is required.
  • Some spreadsheet software has trouble with utf-8 characters so please select utf-8 encoding when importing a CSV file.

Available for Data Licence Customers Only

The Tableau Data Connector can only be used by Data Licence customers whose plans allow data storage and analysis (check your plan details in the Developers section of the PredictHQ Web App).


  • Log in to your PredictHQ account or sign up if you haven't got an account yet.
  • In the Developers section of the Web App, create a new Application. Save the Client Secret somewhere as you won't be able to see it again within the Web App. Then click "Generate access token". Select the scopes "Account", "Events" and "Places".
  • Open Tableau and select "Web Data Connector". Then in the pop up box enter the URL -
  • Click on "Begin" and enter the Access Token you generated.
  • Choose the filters and parameters that you wish to explore. Refer to the Search Events documentation for a full list of fields and parameters.
  • Click "Get data" to import events into Tableau.

To export events as a CSV or JSON file, use our Data Exporter instead.